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I’m making a new fanvid about SPN and it’s fandom. The video will be in celebration of 10 years of Supernatural and #SPN200 as well as also celebrating the people that love the show. To make the video, I obviously need stuff to put in it. So this is where you come in.

I want as many of you as possible to be represented in the video. To be in the video you need to submit to me something from the list below. Here are the items you can submit (if you have any other ideas for video items please feel free to message me).

NOTE: Please tag everything you submit with #pluckyproject so that I can find it (obviously ignore the # when posting on Tumblr). I’m using this tag because obviously the #SPN200 tag is already being used and therefore I won’t be able to find items that you guys are submitted.

You can submit as many items as you like.


I would advise using TwitLonger to write your tweet so that you don’t have to worry about the 140 character limit. Either submit a picture or link to the tweet to me or use the hashtag #PluckyProject so that I can find it. My twitter is @winchesters1996

  • A ‘Happy Birthday SPN' tweet. Wish SPN a Happy Birthday.
  • My Fave SPN Moment' tweet. What is your favourite SPN moment and why?
  • I Am Proud To Be In The SPN Fandom Because…


If you do not have Twitter, or would rather just post something on Tumblr, then here’s how you can get involved. Again remember to use the PluckyProject tag.

  • A ‘Happy Birthday SPN' post. Wish SPN a Happy Birthday Tumblr style.
  • My Fave SPN Moment' post. What is your favourite SPN moment and why? Please use pictures, GIFs, etc.
  • I Am Proud To Be In The SPN Fandom Because…
  • Tumblr and the SPN fandom’. Explain the status of the formidable SPN fandom on Tumblr. For example, how we confuse the other fandoms, how we have a GIF for that, etc.
  • I also need some quotes about the fandom explaining just who we are.
  • My SPN Cast Experience’. I want to hear you stories about you meeting the SPN cast/convention moments/etc. I want to hear stories that are memorable, heart warming, funny, weird, etc.


Submit a link to your pic or submit it to me via my blog. If posting to Tumblr, remember to use the PluckyProject tag.

  • I want to see your SPN cosplay pics :)


Upload the video to either Tumblr or YouTube and send me a link to it, or just submit the video to me via my blog. If you upload the video, remember to use the PluckyProject tag.

  • Wish SPN a Happy Birthday.
  • Talk about you favourite SPN Moment
  • Talk about why you are proud to be in the SPN fandom


Submit a link to your work or submit it to me via my blog. If posting to Tumblr, remember to use the PluckyProject tag.

  • For this category, your submission can literally be anything. Let your imagination run wild.
  • Also fanart and graphics that can be used to promote the project would come in very helpful and would be greatly appreciated :)


This part of the video will be made up of various things. I need links to:

  • Amazing SPN Tumblr posts
  • Funny SPN Cast tweets
  • SPN Cast tweets where they are talking about the fans
  • Other generally awesome SPN Cast tweets
  • Photos from conventions - Do you have any convention photos that you don’t mind being used in the video? Do you have an awesome SPN cast photo op picture? 
  • Cast/Crew Photos - Scour the Twitter accounts of the SPN cast and crew and search out pictures that can be used on the video
  • Videos where the SPN Cast/Crew are talking about fans/the fandom/etc


In the video, I want want to dedicate a section just on Misha. Through his work for The Random Acts Charity (which he created) and GISHWHES, Misha is changing lives and encouraging people to spread random acts of kindness across the globe. The aim of this section is to show him just how much he means to us, and to thank him for everything he has done and is continuing to do. Has Misha helped you? I really want to hear your stories about ways in which Misha has helped you that you obviously don’t mind sharing. Items for this section can be tweets, text posts or videos. I also need your GISHWHESiest GISHWHES pics to accompany the GISHWHES part of the section.


As you know, the SPN fandom is huge. So here’s what I want to try and do. I want to create a massive group photo that is made up of pictures of SPN fandom members. Here’s what you must include include in your submission for the Group Photo:

  • Your Name
  • Your Country
  • A picture of you (be creative)

BONUS CHALLENGE: How many celebs and SPN cast members can we get to be a part of the PluckyProject? I need you guys to tweet celebrities and SPN cast members to try and get them involved. Encourage them to complete one of the list items or just persuade them to write a tweet about or promoting the project.


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Destiel ~💙~


If Destiel is ever made canon this is how I  want it to be portrayed, almost everyone has this idea that if Destiel becomes canon the writers are going to have to add Destiel smutt every few episode to show how much they love each other and I think that is so wrong, to my understanding sex is  more of a random activity to Dean just a tool used to get off, I don’t think love and sex are connected to him, if Dean where to show Cas that he loved him he would touch Castiel’s fingers, caress his face, and hold his hand in public all displays of Dean’s vulnerability 

^that comment is perfect and also exactly what Destiel is to me

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In the series, "I have strange fandom project ideas", here is the fic Twist and Shout by Discover and Trunkcoats summed up on a 135 cm (53.1”) paper scroll and folded into a cute sketchbook.

I used only two black ballpoint pens, a mechanical pencil (for construction lines) and a sepia Prismacolor pencil (PC943 Ocre Brûlée) - And just a couple of drops of red ink for the blood.  You can see on the photo set above the various parts of the sketchbook before it was assembled (Photo 7) and the drawing before it was folded (Photo 8). I’m very happy because I managed to scan it! (Click on image 1, 2, 3 for full view) ♥

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Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind/ Twist and Shout AU

Years after Castiel’s death Dean hears of an experimental medical procedure that is able to purge all memories of a loved one and decides to do it. But after the operation, Dean sees Castiel everywhere he goes and begins to question whether everything was real or imaginary and sets forth to recover all the memories of a relationship he believes might have never happened.

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Where’s a good place to sell my laptop guys?
I have given up on laptops for various reasons so I’m selling my decked out macbook pro 13” and I have no buyers as of yet grr. What are your tips??

Update: I found someone on Craigslist that wants to buy it for 800. I’m okay with that :p